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Archimate 2.1 Training

Live Online - ArchiMate® 3 training 

Virtual training
Next to face-to-face training on location we also offer online ArchiMate® training. This is a virtual training which you can follow from your home or office using our collaboration system. The training is led live by an instructor, so the interaction is the same as with a classroom training.

Led live by one of our experienced trainers
Interaction, personal assignments and feedback
Train from your home or workplace
Choose your own training times
Attractive price

In a training of two or three days you will learn all about ArchiMate®: from theoretical concepts and terminology to carrying out practical exercises. This Live Online Training uses our inhouse developed materials, exam test questions and covers all key learning points.

- This is a 1 or 2 ays of live training via a webbased portal
- During the sessions you will be in direct contact with the trainer
- You will work on an architecture case, you gain knowledge by doing it
- The trainer will guide you through the case and ArchiMate® language
- You will receive assignments to prepare the sessions
- You can ask questions during the sessions (verbally/chat)
- You get in contact with the other participants via the webbased portal
- You will get an example exam for ArchiMate® Certification

To get certified 2 exams need to be passed. One is a theoretical knowledge test on the ArchiMate® language. The second test is about how well you are able to apply the ArchiMate® knowledge into a practical architecure case. In case you select a training including exams you wil take the exam in a VUE test center close to you. We will enroll you for these exams at a date of your preference. You will receive clear instructions how the examination will be done at the VUE exam center.

Free webinar about our online training
Do you want to learn more about our ArchiMate® training? In a free webinar we tell you all about how this training is presented. Also, it is possible to ask all your questions concerning our online ArchiMate® training. After this webinar you will have a better understanding of how our online course works.

Incompany or workshop
Next to virtual and regular training we would be pleased to organize your ArchiMate incompany training or workshop

On this page you can download flyers of our trainings. 

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